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Immersive Lab

Research Group

Lifecycle:17 Sep 2017  →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Immersive Lab is a research center of AP University College Antwerp (Belgium) that centralizes the expertise about immersive technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed reality, omnidirectional video and hologram) and shares it with students, researchers, companies and non-profit organizations. Now that the first hype is gradually over and technology is evolving at breakneck speed and is available to producers and consumers, the obvious applications have found their way to the market.

Objectives of the Immersive Lab:

RESEARCH CENTER - The lab is stimulating, initiating and supporting research about immersive technologies for commercial, educational, cultural and scientific applications. The focus lies on integrated and practice-based research.

KNOWLEDGE CENTER - The Lab bundles all the knowledge that is acquired from its own research or that is collected from external publications, study days, conferences, etc. The lab has a showroom where customized demonstrations, workshops, brainstorming sessions and lectures can be given. This way, both the client/visitor, who has never been in contact with the technology can come in for an introduction, and the experienced producer who wants to explore new markets.

VALIDATION CENTER - Researchers and producers of immersive content can subject their products to usability tests in the Lab based on the analysis model developed by the Immersive Lab.

PRODUCTION FACILITIES AND LENDING SERVICE - The lab focuses on the creation of high-quality content for commercial, educational, cultural and scientific applications. Companies, designers, artists, educational institutions, start-ups, etc. can use the lab's facilities and infrastructure, under certain conditions. Expert guidance can be provided.

Keywords:virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, content creation, user testing
Disciplines:Virtual reality and related simulation, Media art, Educational technology