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Main organisation:FLEXIBLE ASSEMBLY
Organisation profile:

The Flanders Make ISyE (Industrial Systems Engineering) core lab focuses on the development of methods,techniques and tools to support the design and operational management ofproduction systems.

Theactivities of ISyE or concentrated around a number of focused research topics:

·        Mathematicalmodeling and optimization of industrial systems
Development of multi-criteria evaluation and optimization methods to supportthe design, planning and control of manufacturing systems. The main focus lieson stochastic modelling approaches to obtain robust solutions, taking intoaccount the inherent uncertainty and variability of today’s assemblyenvironments.

·        Validationof flexible automation concepts and operator support systems
Experimental validation of flexible automation and operator support systems. Wefocus on the development of standardized models for digitized assemblyinformation based on industrial standards to allow for the (automated)generation of personalized and contextualized work instructions and othersupport tools.

·        Virtualmodels to support operational decisions and virtual commissioning
Development of simulation models to validate design choices and test what-ifscenarios. An important research topic is the use of virtual models to performvirtual commissioning of industrial control systems/strategies andautomatically generate test scenarios.

Keywords:Flexible automation, operator support systems, simulation, stochastic optimization, virtual commissioning, task allocation, scheduling, data quality, intelligent decision-making
Disciplines:Computer aided engineering, simulation and design , Numerical modelling and design, Computer integrated manufacturing, Manufacturing automation, Manufacturing management, Manufacturing process planning, Manufacturing systems, Logistics and supply chain management