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Laboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cancer

Main organisation:Department of Oncology
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2012 →  Today
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The Laboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cancer focusses on altered lipid metabolism in cancer cells. Using a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based lipidomics technology the group has made the intriguing observation that development and progression of cancer is almost invariably accompanied by dramatic changes in the cell’s composition of phospholipids. As phospholipids play a key role in the formation of membranes, which organize numerous cancer-associated processes (signal transduction, energy metabolism, cell death mechanisms, etc.), this observation has led to a whole new concept in which cancer cells modulate their functioning by changing their membrane lipid composition. The team aims to further establish this concept and to translate these findings into innovative diagnostic tests and treatments.

Keywords:Lipid Metabolism, Oncology
Disciplines:Oncology, Medical systems biology