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Product development

Research Group

Main organisation:Product Development
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:Product development stands for a total approach that aims to define products who are innovative on technological, economical and human technical level, and able to control the product development cycle, which is a method for defining innovative products. Because of the multitude of underlying disciplines and the rapid developments in the supporting knowledge domains and the industrial field, the method for product development must be based on research and continuously be adjusted. In a strong collaboration with other scientific disciplines and partners from industry, the academic orientation is a way to ensure efficiency in the process and a guarantee of the quality of the results. The results of the study within the domain of product development also flow back to the actors involved: education, industry and academic research and knowledge institutions. Research in the study product development is a way to students, teachers, researchers and the field to keep in touch with each other and with current insights in the field of product development: design methodology and underlying knowledge. Academic research in product development must be understood as applied research that may have an exploratory, descriptive or predictive character and that has a strong design component, either by topic or by integrating design processes within the research process: "design inclusive research".
Disciplines:Materials science and engineering, Other materials engineering, Product development