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Teacher Education


Main organisation:Central Academic Services
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Decree concerning teacher education and continuous professional education foresees that the departments for teacher education also develop educational research. IDLO is striving for an overall subject-didactical research, research on educational didactics, and the development of research on education-oriented themes which contribute to the teacher education. These goals are certainly stimulated by the multidisciplinarity within IDLO. The research focused on the own renewed and innovative aspects of education guarantees the consolidation of the innovative vision on education which was characteristic for the 'initial academic teacher education' at VUB. Some current research subjects are: 1. Research on the added value of and the implementation conditions for the more extensive use of self-learning methods by students in Flemish secondary education; 2. The students' appreciation of the school situation: the development of an enquiry-instrument; 3. French and English as foreign languages in Flemish schools; 4. Effects of investigating learning on the scientific literacy of 18-year-old students in general secondary education (ASO); 5. Predicting drop-out? Research on the predictive value of different models of drop-out.

Keywords:Educational Behavior, Teacher Education
Disciplines:Education systems, Instructional sciences