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Photocatalytic reactor for ventilation systems

A photocatalytic reactor (100) for use in a heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning system. The system comprises a longitudinal housing (110) having a wall (112) and allowing air or gas to pass through along the longitudinal direction of the longitudinal housing (110). The system also comprises a plurality of tubes (120) positioned in the longitudinal housing (110) and arranged such that some outer tubes (120a) are positioned closer to the housing wall than some inner tubes (120b). The tubes (120) have their longitudinal axis parallel with the longitudinal axis of the longitudinal housing (110) allowing said air or gas to pass along and through said tubes (120) and the tubes (120) furthermore comprise photocatalytic material in or on their tube walls. The system also comprises an irradiation system (130) for irradiating the photocatalytic material for inducing catalytic action. The irradiation system (130) and plurality of tubes (120) are configured so that upon irradiating by the irradiation system (130) photocatalytic material of said outer tubes (120a) as well as of said inner tubes (120b) is irradiated.
Patent Publication Number: WO2019002430
Year filing: 2018
Year approval: 2020
Year publication: 2019
Status: Requested
Technology domains: Medical technology
Validated for IOF-key: Yes
Attributed to: Associatie Universiteit & Hogescholen Antwerpen