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Advanced material research for SOT-MRAM applications

To enable SOT-MRAM as viable technology for more power-efficient memory devices, several challenges need to be overcome. Firstly, one needs to increase the efficiency. Therefore, alternative SOT materials are being researched, among them topological insulators and 2D materials. Next to the material properties, controlling the interface properties between the SOT metal strip and the storage layer is of equal importance to maximize spin transmission efficiency. A second key challenge is to a free layer structure that is both compatible with standard MgO-based tunnel junctions and the specific SOT material. Interfacing with advanced materials such as topological insulators is expected to require the development of new magnetic free layer laminated structures.

Date:1 Dec 2020  →  Today
Keywords:SOT-MRAM, MRAM, Spin-orbit-torque
Project type:PhD project