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Development and validation of an electrode positioning system for EIM measurement.

Active muscle contractions are measured through elektro myography (EMG), where the electrical signals of nerves causing the muscle to contract are measured. The challenge is to measure inactive muscle contraction, aslo known as enhanced muscle tone, were no causing electrical signal is produced, however the muscle is in a contracted state. A well-known inconvenience is an enhanced muscle tone of the trapezius (stiff neck), in which physiotherapy is commonly applied to relieve the disease. In this project we aim to develop a method to measure muscle contraction independent from EMG signals, that can be applied to measure muscle tone and assess the effect of physiotherapy in patients who suffer an enhanced muscle tone.
Date:1 May 2016  →  30 Jun 2017
Disciplines:Biological system engineering, Biomaterials engineering, Biomechanical engineering, Medical biotechnology, Other (bio)medical engineering, Physiology