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Development of radiocaine-based platform technologies for NaV-imaging

We have developed radiocaine as the first and currently only PET radiotracer and molecular imaging tool for voltage gated sodium channels (NaVs). NaVs boast with a divers biochemistry and their deregulation is connected to a range of cardiac, neurological and oncological diseases. All of these fields are linked to multi-billion dollar markets, rendering NaV-imaging a versatile and broadly applicable platform technology with high socioeconomic impact. In this project, we will combine process development, tool development and tool application, following the long-term goal of bringing molecular NaV-imaging to the healthcare markets. The immediate goal will be securing additional IP in the medicinal chemistry and preclinical application space around radiocaine and NaV-imaging.
Date:1 Oct 2018 →  15 Oct 2018
Keywords:Molecular Imaging, Voltage Gated Sodium Channels, Radiocaine, Drug development