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Exploration of cross-frequency dynamics of neural and bodily rhythms in the context of stress regulation

Cross frequency coupling between brain oscillations has been extensively studied and is thought to underlie cross-talk between distinct neural processes. Recent accounts suggest that not only the rhythms of the brain interact through cross-frequency coupling, but that also the frequencies of body oscillations (e.g. heart and respiratory rhythms) are impacted by and aligned with oscillations at the level of the brain (Binary hierarchy brain body oscillation theory). The current PhD project will further explore the functional relevance of cross-frequency dynamics of neural and bodily rhythms from a basic science perspective and in the context of stress regulation and meditation. A deeper understanding of brain-body cross-frequency dynamics will allow the identification of novel neurophysiological indices for the evaluation of promising stress relief interventions (e.g. oxytocin treatment, mindfulness-based stress reduction), and will inform the development of novel bio-feedback protocols targeting self-regulation of brain-body cross-frequency dynamics.

Date:2 Sep 2019 →  Today
Keywords:Brain oscillations, Body oscillations
Disciplines:Cognitive neuroscience, Neurophysiology, General physiology
Project type:PhD project