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Improving the quality of care in early pregnancy: the added value of medical imaging, 3D-mapping and translational research

Optimal customized patient management is based on adequate diagnosis, early detection of possible problems and accurate risk stratification. The present research will focus on the role of 3D-ultrasonography in early pregnancy complications (e.g. ectopic pregnancy, non-viable pregnancy, retained products of conception) and early obstetrical risk stratification (e.g. for abnormal placentation, vasa praevia, cesarean scar pregnancy). Our project will introduce a standardized imaging and mapping protocol in early pregnancy and evaluate its value in tailoring management. We will also explore the feasibility of artificial intelligence in the automatisation of problem detection and risk stratification using 3D-ultrasound data. Finally, we will evaluate the use of 3D printing in the preoperative preparation, the surgeon’s technical anticipation, and assess its value on surgical outcome.

Date:19 Oct 2021 →  Today
Keywords:early pregnancy, sonography, 3D Ultrasound, miscarriage
Project type:PhD project