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m-Path: An experience sampling based tool for blended care

Mental health problems cause an enormous burden on individuals and society. Obtaining precise insight into these problems and how they occur in an individual’s daily life are crucial for diagnosis and treatment. The Experience Sampling Method (ESM) allows to capture and quantify people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior as they unfold in daily life. As such, ESM holds great promise to inform and improve psychotherapeutic treatment. However, existing software tools for ESM are primarily designed for research and are not an easy-to-use instrument for therapists. As a solution, we developed m-Path (www.m-Path.io), a first of its kind ESM tool for blended mental health care, involving a smartphone app and online feedback system. To successfully engage therapists with limited time and technical expertise, we will equip m-Path with a scientifically based workflow (minimizing decision errors), optimize its user experience, and minimize the burden on the part of clients. Together, these improvements will bring evidence-based ESM within reach of actual clinical practice, and as such clear the way for responsible market adoption.
Date:1 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Psychotherapy, Blended care, Experience sampling method, Statistics, mHealth
Disciplines:Human health engineering, Psychotherapy, Psychometrics, Counseling psychology, Statistics and data analysis