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METAmaterials for VIbration and Sound reductION

METAVISION aims to reconcile two conflicting trends. On the one hand, people become increasingly aware of the negative health impact of excessive noise and vibration exposure. On the other hand, every kilogram of mass removed from the logistics chain has a direct economic and ecological benefit. Current noise and vibration solutions still require too much mass or volume to be practically feasible, particularly for lower frequencies. There is thus a strong need for low mass, compact material solutions with excellent noise and vibration characteristics, for which recently emerged so-called metamaterials (MM) have shown immense potential. The goal of METAVISION is to provide high-quality training on these innovative solutions to a new generation of high achieving doctoral candidates and to provide them with the scientific and transferable skills needed for successful careers in this key area which brings together scientific, technological, and societal challenges. This will be achieved by combining a research programme which aims to (i) develop novel design and analysis methods in view of broadening the performance and applicability of MM, (ii) revolutionize the manufacturing of MM towards large-scale and versatile solutions and (iii) advance academically proven MM concepts towardsindustrially relevant applications, with an interdisciplinary training programme composed of scientific and transferable skill courses and intersectoral and international secondments. Both programmes are brought together in unique industrial demonstrator projects. METAVISION gathers universities, research institutes and small- and large-scale industry from manufacturing, construction, transportation, and machine design sectors with the relevant expertise to create the coordinated research environment needed to bring MM from academic concepts to large-scale manufacturable and industrially applicable noise and vibration solutions, paving the way towards a quieter and greener Europe.
Date:1 Mar 2023 →  Today
Keywords:Noise and Vibration, Metamaterials, Sound transmission loss, Absoprtion, lightweight green sustainable structures, noise pollution
Disciplines:Acoustics, noise and vibration engineering