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Multidisciplinary installation of a polyvalent microscope for transmitted light, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy

Several research lines within the Department of Oral Health Sciences are using light microscopy in several configurations (transmitted light, phase contrast, fluorescence) and they search externally for the observation of histological and microbiological samples and for image digitalisation. However, the screening of slices and samples needs to be performed in close proximity to the place where the samples are prepared, coloured and observed. The main goal is to realise the multidisciplinary installation of a polyvalent microscope for transmitted light, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy. In this way soft tissue and hard tissue histology becomes possible, together with microbiological research within a research landscape where several research clusters are concentrated.We choose for a Leica DM 3000 LED microscope with polyvalent camera and LAS software, coupled to a powerful computer with a high resolution screen.
Date:1 Oct 2016 →  30 Sep 2018
Keywords:polyvalent microscope
Disciplines:Biomaterials engineering, Biological system engineering, Biomechanical engineering, Other (bio)medical engineering, Environmental engineering and biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering