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Sabbatical 2018-2019 Prof. Dirk Van Hulle

During this sabbatical (Oct 2018 - Sep 2019) I would like to realize the following editorial and book projects:- a monograph called 'Genetic Criticism' for Oxford University Press;-­ prepare an application for an ERC Proof of Concept on teleological and dysteleological methods of genetic criticism;-­ the coordination and edition of the 'Oxford Handbook of Samuel Beckett';-­ edit 2 issues of the Journal of Beckett Studies;-­ direct the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project (www.beckettarchive.org), notably the production of the next two volumes (The Making of Samuel Beckett's Radio Plays; The Making of Samuel Beckett's Play and Film)-­ edit the first four volumes in the new series 'Elements of Beckett Studies' (Cambridge University Press).
Date:1 Oct 2018 →  30 Sep 2019
Disciplines:Language studies, Literary studies