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SAIRE: Smart devices and Artificial Intelligence for REhabilitation (SAIRE)

The purpose of SAIRE isa faster implementation of smart devices and AI in rehabilitation and healthcare in general by 1) informing the healthcare sector and eliminating bottlenecks (such as limited knowledge, reliability and acceptance) and 2) translate, combine and validate existing knowledge that facilitates the technology sector to develop custom software, hardware and finished products with and for healthcare institutions.
Date:1 Mar 2021 →  28 Feb 2023
Keywords:artificial intelligence, rehabilitation
Disciplines:Data visualisation and imaging
Project type:Collaboration project
Results:The SAIRE project has mainly demonstrated to various Flemish companies and healthcare institutions which - and how - process must be completed to deploy smart devices and AI in a rehabilitation setting, based on a number of practical user scenarios. However, the direct economic added value is difficult to determine, as the development of new applications with smart devices and AI for rehabilitation and health care in general is a process of several years.