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The sibling bond: Addressing physical and emotional sibling violence in Flanders

This research intends to gain insight in the experiences and needs of adolescents involved in sibling violence, as well as those of their parents. Despite the increased awareness of sibling violence among the public and research communities, up and till now there is no unambiguous definition of sibling violence and there is a lack of understanding about the phenomenon and the mechanisms underlying it. Consequently, little is known on how to adequately address the needs of children, and their families, involved in sibling violence. The current study aims to fill these gaps. Through qualitative research, adolescents and parents are questioned about their experiences with and needs due to sibling violence. In that way we intend to examine from their perspective how sibling violence could be addressed.

Date:4 Nov 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Family dynamics, Family violence, Child welfare system, Sibling violence, Developmental psychology
Disciplines:Child welfare, Family studies, Youth and life course criminology, Social and emotional development
Project type:PhD project