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Skyrmions for Advanced Magnetic Memory and Logic: Device Modeling

The current thesis focuses on studying magnetic configurations called skyrmions. These can be regarded as configurations of spins that are topologically protected and have a chiral, whirling configuration. Their small size and robustness to defects, qualifies them as potential candidates for next-generation spintronic devices. Such devices can implement memory and/or logic functions. The aim of the PhD is to study the skyrmion structures and also introduce conceptual device models for skyrmion-based devices.

Date:10 Nov 2014  →  17 Dec 2018
Keywords:spintronics, nanotechnology, topology
Disciplines:Classical physics, Elementary particle and high energy physics, Other physical sciences, Analysis, Applied mathematics in specific fields, General mathematics, History and foundations, Other mathematical sciences, Condensed matter physics and nanophysics
Project type:PhD project