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VAXINFECTIO-PD _ VAXINFECTIO: Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute _ PD: Product Development.

VAXINFECTIO-PD is an established Industrial Research Fund (IOF) consortium, well equipped to build an ecosystem offering research, valorisation, innovation and development to answer existing and new challenges in the field of infectious diseases and vaccinology. These domains fall within one of the valorisation domains of the Antwerp University, and the newly established business unit Antwerp Valorisation & Development (AVD) of the UAntwerp. The VAXINFECTIO-PD consortium built up a unique and extensive track record through research, services, spin-off creation and innovative pathways, in generating product concepts/prototypes and research platforms that form the basis of medical innovation. The various core research units have had an important international image in the recent years with publications in leading journals, coordination of several European projects, as well as active presence and involvement in international scientific and policy forums. For the 6-year period the IOF-consortium will further focus on 5 interlinked valorisation avenues, all creating or guaranteeing growth on the parameters P3, P4, P5 and P6: translational vaccination platform for improved and new preventive and therapeutic vaccines, prognostic and diagnostic platforms, core facilities (for cellular vaccines, human challenge studies and biobanks), infectious disease and immune modelling and prediction, and improved vaccine delivery and medical devices through product development.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  Today
Disciplines:Infectious diseases