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A 2020 perspective on "The building of online trust in e-business relationships"

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This research commentary discusses the perspectives offered in the article “The building of trust in online relationships.” The update argues that the creation of online trust is essential to support effective e-commerce transactions and interorganizational relationships. This goes beyond the advantages that buyers and sellers perceive to have become available through the digitalization of transaction-making. For this reason, we call for new kinds of research that goes beyond what the literature has presented before, to include new kinds of data, such as the digital traces of speech and communication. We also advocate more experimental research on consumer perceptions of organizational trustworthiness, including the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) of the brain to gain a more complete understanding of consumer information and perception processing, and their effects on their decision-making.
Journal: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
ISSN: 1567-4223
Issue: 20th Anniversary SI in Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
Volume: 40
Number of pages: 2
Publication year:2021