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On the dependence of independent group EEG sources: an EEG study on two large databases

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The aim of this work is to study the coherence profile (dependence) of robust eyes-closed resting EEG sources isolated by group blind source separation (gBSS). We employ a testretest strategy using two large sample normative databases (N = 57 and 84). Using a BSS method in the complex Fourier domain, we show that we can rigourously study the out-of-phase dependence of the extracted components, albeit they are extracted so as to be in-phase independent (by BSS definition). Our focus on lagged communication between components effectively yields dependence measures unbiased by volume conduction effects, which is a major concern about the validity of any dependence measures issued by EEG measurements. We are able to show the organization of the extracted components in two networks. Within each network components oscillate coherently with multiple-frequency dynamics, whereas between networks they exchange information at non-random multiple time-lag rates.
Journal: Brain Topography
ISSN: 0896-0267
Volume: 23
Pages: 134 - 138
Publication year:2010
Keywords:Psychiatry & neurology, Neurosciences & psychopharmacology
CSS-citation score:1
Authors from:Higher Education