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Electronic-photonic board as an integration platform for Tb/s multi-chip optical communication

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Chip-on-board silicon photonics O-band wavelength-division multiplexing transceivers have been developed that will eventually enable high-throughput on-board optical communication for multi-socket on-board communication. This direct, any-to-any configuration yields low-latency, low-power optical communication among multiple compute nodes on the board. Silicon photonic transceiver chips are flip-chipped on a polymer waveguide containing an electro-optical circuit board using adiabatic coupling and then completed with driver and amplifier electronic chips. A transceiver assembly based on wire-bond technology verifies 50 Gb/s operation per channel, and the flip-chip version demonstrates the chip on-board assembly techniques for compact on-board transceivers.
ISSN: 1751-8776
Issue: 2
Volume: 15
Pages: 92 - 101
Publication year:2021