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EUV patterned templates with grapho-epitaxy DSA at the N5/N7 logic nodes

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In this paper, approaches are explored for combining EUV with DSA for via layer patterning at the N7 and N5 logic nodes. Simulations indicate opportunity for significant LCDU improvement at the N7 node without impacting the required exposure dose. A templated DSA process based on NXE:3300 exposed EUV pre-patterns has been developed and supports the simulations. The main point of improvement concerns pattern placement accuracy with this process. It is described how metrology contributes to the measured placement error numbers. Further optimization of metrology methods for determining local placement errors is required. Next, also via layer patterning at the N5 logic node is considered. On top of LCDU improvement, the combination of EUV with DSA also allows for maintaining a single mask solution at this technology node, due to the ability of the DSA process to repair merging vias. It is experimentally shown, how shaping of templates for such via multiplication helps in placement accuracy control. Peanut-shaped pre-patterns, which can be printed using EUV lithography, give significantly better placement accuracy control compared to elliptical pre-patterns.
Book: Proc. SPIE 9776, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography VII
Pages: 97761
Publication year:2016