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Implant dentistry education in Europe: 5 years after the Association for Dental Education in Europe consensus report

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Introduction: To promote consensus on implant dentistry university education in Europe, a workshop amongst university teachers and opinion leaders was organised in 2008. This study aims to investigate the current status in the university teaching of implant dentistry and the impact of the recommendations for teaching and assessment, 5 years after the first consensus. Finally this report attempts to identify future directions in education within the discipline. Materials and Methods: An online survey was distributed amongst 105 academic leaders in implant education in Europe and 52 questionnaires were returned (response rate 50%). Results: The average amount of implant dentistry in undergraduate curricula has increased to 74 hours, compared to 36 hours in 2008 and the inclusion of pre-clinical and clinical education has increased. Postgraduate education appears to have decreased. No change occurred, with regards to the aimed competence levels. It was suggested that certain implant procedures, including surgery should be provided by dentists after attending additional courses, while complex treatments will still require specialist training. The 2008 workshop guidelines have been to a varying extent (25-100%) implemented in under- and postgraduate education. Main reported implementation barriers, included limited time availability in the curriculum and limited financial/material resources. Future discussions about implant dentistry in Europe should be focussed towards integration in current dental curricula, approaches to overcome barriers and the relation with industrial partners. Conclusion: Implant dentistry is increasingly integrating with the dental curricula. Development of the consensus guidelines in 2008, may have facilitated this process. Nevertheless, further advancement is needed on all educational levels to align training of professionals to the growing treatment needs of the population.
ISSN: 1600-0579
Issue: suppl. 1
Volume: 18
Pages: 43 - 51
Publication year:2014
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