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Tumor vessel co-option probed by single-cell analysis

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Tumor vessel co-option is poorly understood, yet it is a resistance mechanism against anti-angiogenic therapy (AAT). The heterogeneity of co-opted endothelial cells (ECs) and pericytes, co-opting cancer and myeloid cells in tumors growing via vessel co-option, has not been investigated at the single-cell level. Here, we use a murine AAT-resistant lung tumor model, in which VEGF-targeting induces vessel co-option for continued growth. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) of 31,964 cells reveals, unexpectedly, a largely similar transcriptome of co-opted tumor ECs (TECs) and pericytes as their healthy counterparts. Notably, we identify cell types that might contribute to vessel co-option, i.e., an invasive cancer-cell subtype, possibly assisted by a matrix-remodeling macrophage population, and another M1-like macrophage subtype, possibly involved in keeping or rendering vascular cells quiescent.
Journal: Cell Reports
Issue: 11
Volume: 35
Number of pages: 28
Publication year:2021
Keywords:Cell biology