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  • Research Expertise  (University of Antwerp):Lander Willem holds a research professor position within the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health (FAMPOP) to focus health economic evaluations in the domain of health care organisation and public health campaigns. This includes the extension and application of model-based health economic research to primary care practices, nursing teams, infectious disease management and multi-morbidity. He is also affiliated to the Centre for Health Economic Research and Modelling Infectious Diseases (CHERMID) at the University of Antwerp and member of the SIMID consortium (www.simid.be). In the philosophy of engaging in interdisciplinary research, his work has a particular focus on economic evaluations, mathematical modelling and public health care.
  • Disciplines  (Hasselt University):Health economy, Health promotion and policy, Epidemiology
  • Disciplines  (University of Antwerp):Parallel computing, Modelling and simulation, Health economy, Health promotion and policy, Epidemiology, Mathematical methods, programming models, mathematical and simulation modelling
  • Research techniques  (University of Antwerp):Health economics, Public Health, Health care system, Modelling, Transmission dynamics, Social contact analysis, Individual-based models, agent-based models, Active learning, Programming, Code optimisation, Cost-effectiveness analysis, Uncertainty analysis
  • Users of research expertise  (University of Antwerp):People who have an interest in health economic evaluations and quantitative research and infectious and chronic disease models.