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Laboratory for Experimental Psychology

Research Group

Main organisation:Brain and Cognition
Lifecycle:1 Oct 1997 →  Today
Organisation profile:

* Problems concerning knowlegde-based visual information processing: visual extraction of information in situations where much information is available. Equipement for monitoring the eye-movements of a viewer in a free visual field, at a 50 or 1000 Hertz sampling rate. * Artificial intelligence and vision: research on object recognition as embedded in a visual scene. Computational approaches of perception where low and high-level vision are integrated in a fully-fledged cognitive model. * Artificial intelligence, focused on knowledge acquisition by experts and the representation of such knowlegde in a formal system, to assess the psychological plausibility of existing formal theories, and to indicate the best ways to simplify the procedure of knowledge extraction. * The representation of spatial knowledge in a conceptual structure of the mental system. * Cognitive modelling of human memory structures: an experimental and neuro-psychological approach.

Keywords:Child psychotherapy, Client-centered, Psychotherapy, Experimental Psychology
Disciplines:Animal experimental and comparative psychology, Applied psychology, Human experimental psychology