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Chemical tools for investigating epigenetic modulation and calcium mediated synaptic plasticity

Epigenetic modulation by HDAC (Histone Deacetylase) inhibition has been linked to improved memory formation due to enhanced synaptic plasticity through calcium mediated pathways. As such, HDACs could be potential drug targets for treating neurodegenerative diseases and depression. However, the physiological changes underlying regiospecific neuronal remodeling by systemic HDAC inhibition are still poorly understood. Therefore, we will investigate the cross-talk between neuronal calcium channels, which are key modulators of synaptic plasticity, and histone deacetylases using molecular and medical imaging. Our research project includes both tool development and tool application and will pave the way for pharmaceutical manipulation of epigenetic machines in neurological diseases.

Date:23 Oct 2017 →  Today
Keywords:calcium-influx, synaptic plasticity, axonal transport, HDAC6, fluorescent ligand
Disciplines:Medical imaging and therapy, Other chemical sciences, Chemical product design and formulation, Biomaterials engineering, Medicinal products
Project type:PhD project