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Ethiopian EFL teachersU+2019 beliefs and practice in grammar teaching: From an analysis of culturally grounded belief systems and epistemologies to recommendations for a linguistically informed pedagogy

This project focuses on EFL in Ethiopian secondary schools, where English is the medium of instruction. It offers: (1) an analysis of teachersU+2019 beliefs and practices with regard to grammar teaching; (2) recommendations for an adapted pedagogy, which starts from existing teachersU+2019 beliefs and is founded in a functional linguistic theory in which U+2018meaningful grammarU+2019 plays a central role.

Date:1 Oct 2016  →  Today
Keywords:English as a Foreign Language (EFL), pedagogy, teachersU+2019 beliefs
Disciplines:Instructional sciences, Other pedagogical and educational sciences, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Specialist studies in education, Literary studies, Language studies, Education systems, Other languages and literary studies, General pedagogical and educational sciences, Linguistics, Education curriculum