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Openbare Gezondheidszorg

Research Unit

Tijdsduur:1 jan 1990 →  Heden


The Public Sector Care Unit was created in 1995. Our job is to promote with research, education and service delivery,

  • socially driven, not for-profit medical and paramedical practices
  • the related publicly-oriented, non commercial health services organizations and their specific management
  • non commercial health systems
  • health financing that allow solidarity.

Since 1995, we used to teach the organization of local health systems and hospitals. During many years, our unit was in charge of the coordination of the ITM MPH program. Besides, we lectured public health in more than 20 international universities.

Our key method in health systems research is to Introduce and test changes in services and systems, social and professional organizations. Our field practice extended over Europe, Africa, Asia and mainly, since the beginning, Latin America. Amongst our achievements, we participated in the creation of the Redidesal Academic Network in Latin America ( http://redidesal.org ); the Plateforme d’Action Santé Solidarité (http://www.sante-solidarite.be  ); the Belgian Sylos Project (Local health systems); and the Institute of Public Health, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador.

We also studied inter-/ national health policies in their impact on access to, and quality of individual (and collective) health care.

In this domain, Cambridge University Press published a book (International Health and Aid Policies: the Need for Alternatives) that gathered our main scientific publications released over a period of ten years. The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) published a review of it (written by David Chinitz, PhD. JAMA. 2012; 308(8): 819-820).

To know more about the articulation of our management and policy themes, please check:


Current, main research topics

  • Clinical and managerial coordination in health systems
  • Epistemology and ethics of public health
  • Delivery of respectful maternity care in public services


Current, main activities

  • Equity LA 2. A EC funded project aiming at improving care coordination in Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile
  • PUCE project. Design of a doctoral program in Ecuador
  • Redidesal. Inter-university, e-learning course on public policies in health (http://redidesal.org/diplomado-politicas-publicas/ )
  • Pre-study data collection on respectful maternity care in Malawi
  • Recent (2016) consultancies:
    • German Cooperation (GIZ): strategic development of family medicine in Moldova
    • WHO and Morocco MoH: development of local health systems in Morocco.