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De Gerontople Brussel (IRP12)

The GerontopoleBrussels is an interdisciplinary research network of various faculties at the VUB, set up around the central theme of Active and Healthy Aging. The general aimsof the Gerontopole Brussels are to run a comprehensive multidisciplinary research program identifying the factors obstruction Active and Healthy Aging (AHA), anddeveloping strategies to facilitate AHA.The research project will focus on the multidimensional concept of frailty and the assessment of frailty through “ frailty-scales ”, such as the International Classification of Function, Disability and Health (ICF). The Research Group Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalismwill take part in the project through a study of the related legal characteristics of frailty in elderly persons aged 80 years and over, and how theselegal characteristics can be portrayed according to the ICF. The valorisation of the ICF classification system in the social protection system specifically targeted to the oldest old requires the requirements of the fundamental right of privacy and data protection to be outlined and streamlined before such a system is put in place. One of the research objects would thus be analysis analysis data protection laws are set up and, more explicitly, whether monitoring older persons is compatible with the underlying principles of data protection and privacy and whether it is possible to give shape to a legal framework to ensure privacy and, at the same time, the attainment of important social policy goals.
Datum:1 apr 2018 →  31 mrt 2023