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The downward grammaticalisation of irrealis subordinators in Romanian, Salentino and southern Calabrese

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Romanian sa, Salentino cu and southern Calabrese mu/ma/mi are irrealis subordinators, which also replace the infinitive in many of its uses. The present chapter investigates the diachrony of these elements. It is shown that they are all instances of downward grammaticalisation, deriving from high C-elements which move down to Fin 0 , and in the case of cu and mu, also further down to T- and v¬-related positions. quomodo is proposed as an etymon for both cu and mu, rather than the traditionally assumed quod and modo (ut). quomodo, originally replacing ut, follows HaspelmathU+2019s (1989) grammaticalisation path for infinitives when developing into cu and mu. The development of si into sa is similar: it develops from a conditional complementiser to general irrealis subordinator.
Boek: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2017 : selected papers from 'Going Romance' 31, Bucharest
Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory
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Jaar van publicatie:2021