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Highly integrated wavelength-locked Si photonic ring transmitter using direct monitoring of drop-port OMA

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© 2017 IEEE. A highly integrated wavelength locking control circuit is presented. It locks the 4Gbps CMOS-Si photonics ring-based transmitter at the maximum optical modulation amplitude (OMA). The control circuit uses direct monitoring of drop-port OMA and a dither-based slope quantizer. It is low-noise and low-offset. Resultantly, a 0.4% (2.2pm, 0.03°C) locking accuracy is achieved with only 15μA of pk-pk OMA photocurrent at the drop port. This will permit weakly coupled drop ports in a Si ring wavelength-division multiplexed transmitter, inducing OMA penalty of only 2% at the corresponding through ports. The control circuit is also potentially low-power of 234μW (59fJ/bit).
Boek: 43rd European Solid-State Circuits Conference - ESSCIRC
Pagina's: 111 - 114
Jaar van publicatie:2017
Authors from:Government, Higher Education