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OPOL family composition in the Turkish community in Flanders/Belgium

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OPOL family composition in the Turkish community in Flanders/BelgiumLanguage practices at home contexts are the reflections of the language policy chosen and followed by the family, which are undermined by parents' beliefs and ideas. Family Language Policy (FLP) is similarly related to the interaction of three areas: status planning, corpus planning and acquisition planning (King et al. 2008). All these three components are shaped by parent language ideologies which directly affect family language practices. FLP is extremely important in bi- and multilingual contexts as it is related to minority language maintenance and majority language use (Fogle, 2013). Regarding Turkish immigration history into Western Europe, in-group marriage tendency (endogamous marriages) was so strong especially in the first and second generation of Turkish community but in recent years marriages with a partner from the mainstream community have also been increased (exogamous marriages-OPOL families). This highlights a change in these families' language policy regarding Turkish community.Considering these changes in the family composition, this study addresses the following research questions:1- What is the family language policy in OPOL families where one spouse is Turkish and the other is Dutch speaking in Flanders? 2- What do these observed family language practices/interactions in this family type (OPOL families) imply about the changing dynamics of the current Turkish community in Flanders/Belgium regarding Turkish as a home language and Dutch as a societal language? In line with these research questions, 10 families were interviewed about their family language practices. The grounded theory approach will be used to analyse the interview data in the study. The results of this study will be of importance to understand the evolving nature of home contexts in dual language environments and to have a general profile of the family language background of future Turkish-Dutch young bilinguals who were born into OPOL families.
Boek: Research Network Conference : Social and Affective Factors in Home Language Development (HOLM 2019), Abstracts
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Jaar van publicatie:2019