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Research-based learning in a transversal entrepreneurship and innovation undergraduate course

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

The present article reports an empirical quantitative study involving 107undergraduate students from Entrepreneurship and Innovation coursesin a public university. Students were randomly assigned to 3 conditions:structured Research-based learning (RBL), semi structured RBL andcontrol. We hypothesized that studying in a structured RBL conditionwould result in a higher intention to do research (INT) and higher courseachievement (CA) along with positive changes in autonomous motivation(AM), perceived behavioral control (PBC), behavioral beliefs (BB) andsubjective norm (SN); as compared to studying in a semi-structured RBLand control condition. The intervention lasted 7 weeks as part of aregular course and was based on BrewU+2019s RBL framework. A significantdifferential impact was observed in overall course achievement and inspecific research skills clusters. No significant differences were observedin INT, AM, PBC, BB and SN. The results lead to clear implications anddirections for future research.
Tijdschrift: Studies in Higher Education
ISSN: 0307-5079
Issue: 4
Volume: 46
Pagina's: 690 - 703
Jaar van publicatie:2021